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TreatSMA community shows amazing generosity

  • 5 September 2019

Recently, acting as part of TreatSMA, Gary McKie (trustee) asked the community if anyone had a panthera chair that a young North East family could loan, to keep their sons arm strength up, as his consultant had recommended sourcing a manual chair.

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Biogen release community statement

  • 7 August 2019

Biogen UK has released new community statement with regards to access to Spinraza in the UK. TreatSMA, SMAUK and MDUK have asked important questions and this statement provides some insight in the process and what to expect.

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Party time!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 August 2019

In celebration of the approval of Spinraza the Annabelle Rose Foundation organised a party called the Cirque du Spinraza where many of the community attended on Saturday.

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