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Disability Expo to host webinar ‘Breaking Barriers: Disability, Sex & Relationships’

Disability Expo esteemed panel of experts are bringing a diverse perspective and shedding light on the challenges, triumphs, and unique experiences faced by individuals with disabilities in navigating their sexual and relational lives this Thursday 25th May at 1pm GMT. From exploring societal stigmas and misconceptions to addressing accessibility barriers and advocating for inclusive policies, they will delve into crucial topics that deserve open and honest conversations.

This event will serve as a platform for engaging dialogue, providing a safe space to discuss the complexities surrounding disability, sexuality, and building meaningful relationships. Attendees will gain valuable insights, practical tips, and a broader understanding of the diverse needs and desires of disabled individuals, as well as strategies for fostering inclusivity and promoting positive change.

Whether you are an individual with a disability, a caregiver, a professional in the field, or simply passionate about creating a more inclusive society, this LinkedIn Live panel discussion is for you. See link below and bio link to speakers.

Speakers are Kelly Gordon the Head of Create and UK/EU at Hot Octopuss who will be at Disability Expo. Her bio is here.

Emi Ainscough is a blogger who has written on Disability and dating her blog can be found here.

Lorraine is the CEO at SWAD (sex with a difference) you can find out more about the organisation here

You can find the webinar here.

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