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Designability Need Our Help

Designability has reached out to TreatSMA to say they have lots of Wizzybugs available and if children are in need of independent mobility from the ages roughly of 14 months to 4/5 years old then please get in contact with them.

They are also in the process of developing new ideas.

Designability has asked if the SMA community would answer a few questions about wheelchair insurance.

Please put your answers in a email to [email protected] numbering 1 to 5.

1. Do you have wheelchair insurance?
2. How much does your annual wheelchair insurance cost.
3. How much does it cost to get your wheelchair insured if you take it abroad on average?
4. Does the cost of wheelchair insurance deter you from going abroad?
5. Does your child’s school or your college/university/workplace require your wheelchair to be insured?

Please answer as they really want to help and continue to give a free service.



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