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Disabled people learn how to take charge of their own care

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance are offering a free training programme to people with neuromuscular conditions to help them become confident Independent Employers of their own PAs. It is run with support from Skills for Care and ACAS. It is improving hugely popular with people on Direct Payments, and Pathfinders have reserved up to eight places exclusively for TreatSMA members on the courses, with access code TreatSMA23.

Pathfinders state that there are many options for young people and adults with muscle-weakening conditions to gain independence. One of the most life-changing is the right to use self-directed support to employ personal assistants directly.

They also acknowledge how overwhelming and frustrating it can be; unfortunately, many worry that they don’t have the skills. Typically, the paperwork and legal framework are provided, but there is more to having PAs than just filling in the forms. How can you find the right people? How do you organise them? What might go wrong, and what do you do if it does?”

You can read some press coverage about the courses here: Pathfinders want to reach as many people as possible but also want to ensure that some places are held for TreatSMA members.

The live online course will be delivered by people with neuromuscular conditions and is suitable for anyone who is already an Independent Employer, who wants to become one or is approaching transition to adult services. It will run twice: on the 21st & 24th of March 2023 and again on the 3rd & 6th of April 2023.

To use TreatSMA’s places, please direct your members to and give them your exclusive access code (TreatSMA) to enter when booking.

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