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Survey Exploring The Effects Of Catching Covid-19 In People With, And Carers Of People With, SMA

Survey exploring the effects of catching Covid-19 in people with, and carers of people with, SMA

It is felt there is not enough data in terms of covid-19 in Spinal Muscular Atrophy, therefore we would appreciate it if people who have had covid-19 within the SMA community could fill out one or both of these surveys.

There are two surveys, one for people with SMA and one for parents/carers of people with SMA. If you are a parent/carer filling in the survey and yourself, and the person you care for, have had covid-19 please fill out both surveys.

You can fill out the surveys on the links below, your answers will help us build a picture of how covid-19 effects people with SMA.

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