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Cambridge University Hospital Continues To Deny Free Life-saving Treatment Based On Age

Cambridge University Hospital continues to deny free life-saving treatment based on age

As you know our mission is treatment for all, and we have continued this fight by exposing Cambridge University Hospitals of their continued age discrimination against those with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Equal access to health is the very tenant of the NHS yet CUH seem to feel otherwise.

Thanks to you, the community, TreatSMA has received press coverage on the disgusting behaviour by CUH to deny life-saving treatment. we continue to make the point that there is significant evidence internationally on the efficacy of risdiplam that CUH feels it can ignore, and that they continue to deny free treatment to those patients who want and need it most urgently, which is utterly abhorrent. Please do take a look at the following article and share so we can continue to embarrass CUH for being arrogant and irresponsible in its decision to allow us to continue to deteriorate, and, in some cases, lose our fight.

NB: Please note the above article suggests that CUH were providing the treatment previously, this is in fact incorrect, they have never provided this treatment

Please share this article is widely as you can on social media tagging @CambridgeUniversityHospitals on Facebook and @CUH_NHS on twitter. We would also urge you to continue to express your views about this shameful behaviour on their review page, by clicking here.

This is a public Facebook page where anybody can leave a comment, and even though CUH has had the temerity to delete some comments, the majority remain.

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