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SMA Awareness Month – Our very own Trustee Andi gets robotic

In this video we got to see Andi attempting to use the Jaco robotic arm. An amazing piece of technology that has been around for some time now and gives those who are unable to use their arms effectively the freedom to be able to pick up items, open doors, pickup glasses of water (and beer of course) as well as a whole host of other things.

The device is designed to give people much greater independence in their lives as well as provide greater security and safety. The device negates the need for people to stretch for things which can potentially be harmful and dangerous as well as help with daily tasks around the house. We like to thank Rahana Life for taking the time to visit and set up the device and allowing Andi to keep it for a night to play around with it. It was amazing to see what could be done in just a short period of time of learning, and he even managed to “pretend” to clean his teeth.

Rahana Life is a UK based company that focuses on assistive technology, if you’d like to know more about a full range of technologies they provide please click here to visit their website or visit their Facebook page

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