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SMA, school and covid-19

On Friday evening TreatSMA hosted a webinar with Michelle Woods who is a SENDCo at a primary school in Kent. She has been a primary school teacher for 20 years and a SENDCo for 6 years.

Michelle currently works in a primary school with a Special Resourced Provision (SRP) for children with physical disabilities and complex medical needs and works hard to ensure that their needs are met in the school environment. Michelle works with children with a number of different needs and whilst is not an expert in SMA does support a child within the school with SMA.

Michelle kindly agreed to do a live webinar talking and answering questions about the school environment, covid and provisions that are and will need to be put in place for a child with SMA.

Michelle wanted to stress she is not an expert in SMA but is happy to share with others what lengths her school have gone to to make it as safe as possible for that child.

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