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TreatSMA Take On Their Most Ambitious SMA Awareness Month To Date!

TreatSMA take on their most ambitious SMA Awareness Month to date!

This year, TreatSMA wanted to present a range of topics for the community, but they were also particularly keen to remember and acknowledge those that fought/fight and got the community where it is today, not just in regards to SMA but disability itself. The ongoing battle for equality and disability rights fought by so many should not be forgotten.

This year TreatSMA have speakers such as Baroness Tani Grey-Thomson and videos from Baroness Jane Campbell. As well as remembering activists and those that were game changers for our community and beyond that are no longer with us. Those that lost their fight to SMA will also be remembered.

There will be live webinars with Roche and the MHRA, Marion Main , Dr Mariacristina Scoto, Mary Bodzo, Dr John Bach to name just a few as we look to the future and the ever changing science which takes us there.
Companies such as GBL wheelchairs which have great knowledge on Panthera Chairs and modifications will be joining in. Zebedee Modelling Agency will be talking about inclusion, modelling and diversity as well as the fantastic ‘Special Effect Charity’ which make gaming and IT easier for those with weaker muscles and all live with a Q&A.

Please see our full range of guest speakers below:
As well as this, we have our wonderful community. Cath, Dan, Michaela, Fleur, Leyton, Jake and Jess, Dawn, Karla, Kelly, Kim, Conor, Joseph and Connor talking about life and experiences in their pre recorded videos. Please see the calendar below for the full month:
As once again new potential treatment looms for such a large majority of our community still waiting it is as important as ever to spread awareness of SMA and generate interest in the condition and peoples lives.
Please support Treatsma who volunteer their time to bring to you this August SMA Awareness Month by tuning in, liking the link and sharing it.
For full details and to receive reminders for the events, please respond to our Facebook Event. Also, if you share anything throughout the month, please remember to use #SMAAwarenessMonth2020 and #TreatSMA
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