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Spinal Muscular Atrophy And COVID-19

Spinal Muscular Atrophy and COVID-19

Following some confusion in the SMA community Patient Advocacy Groups have reached out to clinicians with questions and with coordination through MDUK we can now offer some insight.

COVID-19 is a very new virus and unfortunately no one knows the full extent of the potential effects on someone with SMA. The clinicians have kindly provided some answers to help try to understand what it could entail for someone with the condition. The document can be viewed by clicking here.

This document contains important information on the effects of Covid-19, the treatments, possible outcomes and what we can expect in terms of medical intervention.

Also attached to this is a COVID-19 information sheet for patients with neuromuscular conditions. This comes from The world muscle society and covers all neuromuscular conditions, not just spinal muscular atrophy. We are suggesting that everyone print out the relevant information from here and keep it in their care plan in case any problems arise.

For more information please email Kelly at [email protected]


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