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TreatSMA Reaches Out To Roche

TreatSMA reaches out to Roche

TreatSMA visited Roche yesterday to talk about Risdiplam and how we can support them through the approval and appraisal process.

Lucy, Gary, Joseph and Andi visited the Roche headquarters in Welwyn Garden City yesterday to meet with the team developing treatments for SMA, including Risdiplam. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce ourselves to Roche and talk to them about what TreatSMA has done in the past and how we can perhaps support Roche with the approval and appraisal process for Risdiplam.

It was a great discussion, and both sides benefited. It’s very early days in the development of Risdiplam, you can see from the picture below the current status of all trials. However both teams committed to staying in touch and continuing to develop a relationship to support upcoming processes.

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