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Thousands Demand Spinraza To Be Made Available For Adults In Croatia

Thousands demand Spinraza to be made available for adults in Croatia

Thousands of people are taking to streets across Croatia. The reason is that Spinraza, the life-saving treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, is not available there for adults living with SMA.

In the small town of Omiš, almost 10% of its 14,000-strong population battled wind and snow, protesting on the town’s main square on 9 January. People demanded that Nora, a 22-year old with SMA, is allowed access to Spinraza. Hundreds more have been demonstrating country-wide since autumn 2018 for the same cause: to demand wide access to the break-through Spinraza treatment.

Meanwhile, the country’s health minister Milan Kujundžić claimed repeatedly that there is no evidence of the drug’s efficacy in adults.

Croatia has been providing Spinraza as a standard treatment since early 2018. However, access to the drug is limited to people under 18.

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